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If you would rather handle your own scanning projects from start to finish rather than having a service such as ours do it for you, we also offer some of the top imaging scanners in the industry.

Wicks and Wilson

Aperture Card Scanstations


Wicks and Wilson manufacture a range of aperture card scanners suitable for every type of requirement.   Each scanner has its own individual performance characteristics, whether you need to scan one card a day from your CAD system, produce a paper plot from the digital image, or scan your entire "back file" into your document management system at over seven hundred cards per hour, you can do it all with the utmost confidence with a Wicks and Wilson Scanstation .


Each Scanstation is supplied with our versatile Windows based SCANCARD software for maximum user control coupled with either SMARTCODE or SMARTSCAN, our latest imaging technology designed to produce the ultimate in image quality.



Roll Film Scanstations



The Wicks and Wilson range of RS roll film scanners are fully featured scanning systems which will scan both 16 and 35mm roll film , simplex or duplex, positive or negative, bitonal or greyscale.   Each one of the four Scanstations has its own individual performance characteristics, however, they all have one common theme, ease of use, reliability, high productivity and the ultimate in image quality.


Every Scanstation is supplied with dedicated SCANFILM software incorporating SMARTSCAN, our unique advanced image enhancement technology.


Converting roll film images and capturing them in digital form for subsequent storage, archiving, distribution or printing has never been easier, faster or more affordable.



Microfiche Scanstations



Microfiche come in many different formats from the normal sheet film to Jackets, AB Dick fiche, COM, 16 and 35mm combination jackets, silver or diazo , negative or positive.


Producing superior quality images from the various formats requires a batch scanner that is both productive and flexible that uses the most advanced software and the latest imaging technology.


The FS150 and FS300 from Wicks and Wilson offer all of the above with our SCANFICHE software and SMARTSCAN image processing.   A simple innovative system of fiche carriers totally eliminates the normal handling and static problems associated with microfiche.


Additional features or options include 256 level greyscale and centering , grid locations or frame edge detection, full fiche imaging and more ...






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